A national network for the UK

The UK Upland Waters Monitoring Network has a wide geographical coverage, currently consisting of 11 lakes and 14 streams across the UK, which are monitored chemically and biologically.

Map of sites


UWMN_1: Loch Coire nan Arr (Note: Data to 2007 after which nearby Loch Coire Fionnaraich replaced this site)
UWMN_4: Lochnagar
UWMN_5: Loch Chon
UWMN_6: Loch Tinker
UWMN_7: Round Loch of Glenhead
UWMN_8: Loch Grannoch
UWMN_10: Scoat Tarn
UWMN_11: Burnmoor Tarn
UWMN_15: Llyn Llagi
UWMN_16: Llyn Cwm Mynach
UWMN_21: Blue Lough
UWMN_25: Loch Coire Fionnaraich


UWMN_2: Allt a'Mharcaidh
UWMN_3: Allt na Coire nan Con
UWMN_9: Dargall Lane
UWMN_12: River Etherow
UWMN_13: Old Lodge
UWMN_14: Narrator Brook
UWMN_17: Afon Hafren (Severn)
UWMN_18: Afon Gwy (Wye)
UWMN_19: Beagh's Burn
UWMN_20: Bencrom River
UWMN_22: Coneyglen Burn
UWMN_26: Danby Beck
UWMN_27: Baddoch Burn
UWMN_28: ECN Trout Beck [links to site details on ECN website]


Photo credits in 'Sites' section:

  • All site banner photos by Ewan Shilland except Loch Coire nan Arr (internet, digital commons)